Why Oto Ryu

Why should we have the honor to design your dream home theater? ​

Oto Ryu’s home theater designs, products and services are governed by the scientific principles of acoustics. We do not take a mediocre approach to our designs, services and products. Instead, we always aim towards unparalleled service through the delivery of the art of audio by scientific means.

This means sticking to the highest standards of design aimed at accurate reproduction of the art, so that we may be able to bring you a meaningful, immersive home cinema experience. Our greatest hope is that you may be able to share these unique, wonderful moments with your loved ones.

We leave no stone unturned, no detail skated by, and work to give you the best possible audio and video experience through mathematical and scientific designs, careful acoustical analysis, and acoustic measurements of your room using the latest technology to give you a uniquely customized theater like no other!

Oto Ryu doesn’t have clients, we have friends we create theaters for. We don’t do one-time services; Oto Ryu’s greatest aim is in creating lasting relationships with clients who become lifetime friends.

Check out what Oto Ryu can do for you today! If you want a stellar home cinema experience and unequalled customer service, then you need not look further.

With Oto Ryu, you can have a Home Theater like no other.